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One Year Older

11th Feb 2015

Well yesterday I was …32 years old, another year has officially gone by. I don’t particularly like New Years as a marker for the beginning and end of a year, I prefer this it is my own official marker which just so happens to fall between Imbolc (feb 2nd) and The Chinese New Year.

We always say one year older follwed by scowels and shh but actually I am looking forward to the next 12 months

So lets have a recap over the last 12 months:

Feb 2014 – Visited Glastonbury for the first time

March – I passed my Colour Therapy Diploma

June – marked the first anniversary of losing Dad, it was extremely tough because last year it fell on fathers day. As a family we got together for a BBQ after spending the morning listening to Status Quo music which he adored. I’d always buy him the cds/dvds for xmas and fathers day.

August – I completed my Tarot course with Tim Brooks.

November – Visited Glastonbury for the 2nd time. Visited Chalice Well.

I also took a Realm Reading course with Doreen Virtue.

Spent a Self Empowerment weekend with Wendy Townsend and a group of wonderful people.

I bought my domain, set it up and then took it down because of the next course I signed up to (Star Kechara’s E-course Bootcamp) uses wordpress and a bought theme.

Signed up for a Yoga and Meditation certification course.

And I re-set up my blog as you can see lol

So what is in store for this next year?

I don’t know… who does?!

I’ve been coming up with creative ideas all over the place that I hope to complete.

I’m taking an oracle card making course with Lyn Thurman which I have already started by prepping my cards by getting somewhat messy with paint.

I Still have 3 courses to finish.

Get my website finally up.

Start my yoga in the mornings again.

Eat healthy, cutting out the crap and discovering what my body will and wont allow me to injest as more stuff gets removed from the list.

One thing I am glad about is today the mercury retrograde ends, its been another nasty one for me both emotionally and physically and its felt never ending. But today the day after my birthday it is finally over. It is a weight lifted off many shoulders.

A New Home

Ok I intended this to happen AGES ago, but it never actually happened in fact what did happen was I kept typing my blogger blogs and not getting on with stuff here.

My new intention is to get everything shifted here once and for all and making this place look and feel like a home, a proper home, kitchen sink en all… well maybe, need somewhere to pour that cold tea!

I have dozens of blogs lined up ready for your reading pleasure so lets get this party started shall we!?

Greetings Lovebugs!

We’re here. We made it. Damn its so hard to think that 15 years 6 months and 8 days ago it was New Years eve and we were all wondering what the world would be like Post- the millennium bug. haha.
I certainly didn’t think I’d be here about to walk the path I am and that makes me super excited to see what the next 15 years are going to be like.
The only way is up, right!? Has to be, can’t get much lower than I’ve been!

Well this is my first blog here on this new venture of moving my life to the next level.
I’ve noticed everyone saying THIS IS MY YEAR!
Apparently 2015 is the year of manifestation and you know what?… I am going to be manifesting my socks off! Thats right, I’m gonna be one of those barefoot babes, livin’ how I want, creating what I and you want, always striving to make things better, and giving you the shortcut to your dreams as I walk my own Pathway to Serenity.

Can you diggit? I hope you can because 2014 ended having created so many ideas in my head its about ready to explode in technicolour.

So, what do I have in store:
Poetry books
Photo products and Books
Healing (Reiki and Lemurian)
Readings (Tarot and Realm)
Colour Therapy

But that’s not all, in fact these are just some of my loves and creations and I really think I should include all of my interests and loves which go on to include

Wicca – witchy at heart
Yoga – 4am every morning for 20 mins before work
Cats – bundles of purrfection with a heartbeat
Historical sites and oldy worldy places
Food however is not my friend, so I’ll be recipe creating for a healthier life style for both myself and you. Sound good?

I am a big believer that there is always something to be learnt, so you’ll always find me trying to increase my knowledge.
So if you think there is nothing here for you, I implore you to check back because you never know with me.

Huzzah! Just before hitting send on this awesome blog (the original version) I signed up for a teacher training Yoga and Meditation course. Now I am hoping to get my exam sent off. Woohoo and arrrghhhh!

How often do I intend to blog?
Well that part I’m not sure on yet, so I’ll go with at least twice a month. I hope to get mailchimp up and running along with the website and have everything available to you in one sleek streamlined sexy newsletter.

Ok I think thats it for about now.

Love and Light to you all