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Ask anyone what their biggest peeve is and about 8 out of 10 people will reply it is that they are misunderstood.

What they mean by misunderstood is that society doesn’t get them because society doesn’t care to get them.

If Joe doesn’t care about Cary why should she give a shit about him.

If he doesn’t care to get to know her and chooses to treat her by how she reacts to his treatment of her but she only reacts because she doesn’t understand why he treats her like that.

What happened to society? That one person gets to treat someone so terribly and think they can get away with it?

What justifies one mans actions against another?

When people think they know it all, its like a lightbulb goes off in their head and they have the god given right to treat someone wrong because they feel they are in the right.

Don’t stand for being misunderstood, let your truth flow and the world see who you are. Warts’n all!

If you’re not being true to yourself, how can you be seen for being understood by others?

Let your light shine!

Take the time to find out who you are and set that person free on the world.

Don’t stand for being a clone. And certainly do not let society or anyone else squish you into a ball where you don’t know who you are or are forced into being someone who pleases them but not you.

When people do that, they’re trying to mould you into what they want and imprint you with their ideals etc

You have your own identity, if people don’t like that, tough!

If they don’t like your individuality, tough!

Be you!

What I have learnt about depression from depression

I think I am pretty qualified to write this blog list today hell I’ve been dealing with depression of all sorts all my life (from school bullies to cruel neighbours) but none worse than the last two years losing my disabled father to pancreatic cancer and my fiance to someone he was trying to turn into me in order to replace me.

In a way this is me accepting mine and coming out of it to finally beat it, i hope.

Depression is all consuming, it will sink its teeth into every aspect of who you are from your personality, to your dreams, your passions, your life, your family and friends, even your job.

Doesn’t matter how hard you try or who you try to convince be it yourself or others, depression is depression plain and simple. Well not so simple really!

Depression can come in many forms.

Depression affects everyone, gender, age, nationality.

Depression is a killer, it’ll make you want to quit everything including life, making you feel like a waste of oxygen.

Depression will make you question your existence and purpose time and time again.

No-one knows how you feel except you, sure they can imagine but it’ll never come close to how or what you are feeling, nor the thoughts or memories that plague you.

Getting lost in your head becomes easy but for the wrong reasons and solves nothing.

In depression no-one can hear you scream – its true, you can be so good at hiding it no-one will think you are depressed at all, it won’t even cross their minds.

You CAN sugar coat it, but should you? does that really cure anything or just numb it…

Your head and sometimes your home can feel like a prison.

Anyone who hasn’t had depression cannot say they know themselves, they have to know the good and bad, they have to experience the evil within and truly face it!

Living with depression is not a weakness its a sign that your body has been so strong for so long it just cannot handle any more pain.

Living with depression you learn you’ve actually been trying to heal yourself all along through pressure-points and EFT.

Focussing on anything other than what depresses you becomes difficult.

Pay back is a bitch and this bitch has a whole encyclopedia of payback running through her mind.

Happiness and love are painful memories you fear you’ll never know again.

Opening up (like this) is easy, opening up in person, admitting depression has its hands round your throat isn’t.

You often wonder, where the beat of your heart has gone.

You can drown yourself in many subjects but none will get rid of your depression.

Depression hurts only one person, YOU!

As hard as it is to admit, people are in your thoughts all the time and you miss them and who they were but not who they became.

Hugging heals, but you’ll still say no thanks!

You envy the invisible man for his abilities.

You have to accept you are only human, so are they, thank the goddess for karma!

I’m going to post this but will likely add more as they become apparent. X

Living With Pain

Today I want to talk to you about pain.

Lots of people suffer from pain some temporary some permanent. Some people live with one symptom of pain whilst others live with a whole shopping list that can change from one thing to another as quickly as you can say ‘bless you’!

Often when we think people are in pain we think they should talk about it.

Not everyone wants to talk about their pain and not everyone wants every Tom, Dick or Doctor Phil to analyse them and their condition. And if they say they don’t want to talk about it with you or a friend. Accept it, the best thing you can do is try to change the subject which will distract them from the pain, hopefully. Trust me they’d rather talk about anything else than that!

Sometimes when we think that people are just moody or rude in fact they are in extremes of pain.

Not everyone wants to be laid up at home in the foetal position allowing the pain to take control of their lives, not everyone can afford to do that, yet some still try to live their lives and fight through the pain because they don’t want to hand over the control. Accept it, they’re human they have a right to live and shouldn’t give up. Would you?

Some people will try to live as ‘normal’ of a life as they possibly can, but sometimes they just cannot attend that party, or go on that trip, or visit that specific place. It is not that they don’t want to, because of the pain they endure and the stress it puts on them they run all the worst case scenarios because thats what the pain has taught them to do to protect themselves. So, right now they just can’t. It doesn’t mean they never will. They will. On their terms not yours. Accept it, shit happens all the time right!

Living in constant agony, and worry is a pain in and of itself it consumes their every waking thought. Of course they are concerned about you and everyone else and doing a multitude of other things too. They just have to put the pain factor first. Doesn’t mean you don’t factor in their thoughts and feelings. Accept it!

If you broke an arm and weren’t given meds your bodies first attention will be that pain.

Working while in constant agony can be a trial having more things on their plate can be too much stress-wise and cause a breakdown and leave them prone to mood swings that other people just don’t understand what they are going through. That there is a constant fight going on in this persons body for control. They just need space, air to breathe, and with any hope never put in a situation that will cause a meltdown.

Often all the person wants is a cure but they know there is no miracle cure for them. Stop treating them like an idiot and assuming there is one that they haven’t looked or tried and stop trying to convince them otherwise. They know their symptoms, their body, what they’ve been through. All they need you to do is to be there for them especially on those days it breaks them down. Accept it you are not god, your job is not to take away their pain.

All you need to do is understand that the person knows how their body reacts to certain extremes and symptoms. Be there for them even when they need you to back off a bit. Don’t crowd them or try to analyse them, they aren’t your lab project!

Understand that there will be days of good where they seem absolutely fine, there will be days where they are far from fine and there will be between days where as quickly as the clouds things can change.

Show them how much they are living a normal life because you can bet there are times when they feel like the freak, the outcast etc.

And show them how much you love them.

We all have some sort of condition whether its hereditary or not, whether we’ve had it since birth or not. We’re not freaks. We just hurt.

Yes I’ve switched from they and their to we.

See the thing is I live like this, living everyday in a slight form of agony, my head somewhat a little elsewhere holding back the pain, trying to live normally. I’ve been poked and proded and analysed by someone I loved who pushed and pushed wanting me to talk about it when he could never possibly understand what each day is like. Who wanted me to explain to his friend who was not a doctor at all, no where near it in fact. He wanted to fix the issue rather than actually understand it. And never once stuck by my requests not to discuss it openly with others. Living in agony that can go from mild to intense in seconds is draining. Unless you’ve been there you just cannot possibly comprehend the embarrassment and anguish it can place on people nor the huge number of symptoms it can produce. But we still want to live ordinary lives because we are after all ordinary people just like you.

We might not be able to cure ourselves but through changes in how we live, we can live more comfortably.

Me I have had my pain for well over a decade and the doctors have done little, they have simply given me anxiety pills and tossed me to the wind. I am a lot better than I was back then though since cutting things from my diet. I have read books and articles and websites in search of a cure and there is not one because there are so many symptoms that could be different things. Except for trying out a test on intolerances. It is a game of cat and mouse with the symptoms finding out what works and what doesn’t. A game I am still having to play even now.

Please remember not everyones pain is visible!

Rach xoxo

Control Factor

Hey Lovebugs!

Today I want to talk to you about control but not our control, I want to talk about the control we give to others.

It is so easy to give away control whether we do it intentionally or not sometimes we are not even aware of it. It can take many forms beings mental, physical or emotional. Parents control children, teachers control students, one partner may control another and so and so forth.

But not only that, some people like to control and without it they panic and get stressed. This is when all sorts of emotions can come into play.

What we need to realise is we can only control so much, we cannot control everything or everyone and we shouldn’t.

And we certainly shouldn’t give someone power over us.

There will always be things in your life you feel like controlling or want to control and can’t. So don’t, let it be!

Have a sit down and ask yourself these questions:

– What do I feel I am trying to control in my life?

– Who do I feel I am trying to control in my life?

– Am I giving control away to someone else? If so, who? Why?

– How can I take back the control in my life?

Step up. Your life is yours. Claim it and make it your own. Don’t let others tell you how to live, what to do or wear and never ever let anyone put you in a box.

The only box you should ever be put in is your coffin, and that should be a long way off!