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How to recognise and deal with energy vampires

You know those people that putting up with them leaves you feeling like you’ve just done 10 rounds in a boxing ring, done a triathalon and need the longest sleep ever. And often that sleep is never long enough. These are the people I am talking of. You can be having the greatest day ever full of positivity, everything going right and good and boom they show up, open their mouth and you find yourself spiraling downwards. Your energy has been zapped, its running away from you faster than a ball rolling downhill.

They could be friends, family or co-workers.

They enjoy having their say and making their point known.

They love gossiping.

They like to make others failures known whilst forgetting they make enough of their own.

They are showoffs and exhibitionists.

They twist the truth to suit them.

They like to make their presence known and seek attention all the time.

They get off putting others down regularly thinking they are doing them a favor.

The energy often gets swept out of the room as soon as they enter.

Sometimes we have no choice but to put up with them but we can prepare for this even if sometimes they may catch us off guard. However some are stronger than others and can be more difficult to handle.

They do and at the same time don’t see the anxiety they force on you with their actions.

My Theory on Wishes

Do you find yourself wishing on shooting stars?

Do you blow out candles and make a wish?

In one thought that actually just sparked from writing those words, you are not just wishing you are spell casting!

But back to my theory.

Do you ever wonder why your dreams and wishes may not come true?

Why they seem to get lost?

Why they appear unheard?

Like you have no voice out there, just like down here!?

I often wondered about it. Maybe I wasn’t making the right wishes. Maybe I was wording them wrong. Maybe they weren’t right for me. Perhaps the timing was off. Maybe they could get forfilled years and years after you make them.

Or maybe just perhaps that given there are over 7 billion people on this planet making all sorts of wishes from the small to the big, from the silly to the world changing/ life changing events. 

Maybe there are just so many wishes floating around in the cosmic inbox as I lovingly refer to it that just like with our adorable postal services here on planet earth some do get lost in translation or transit.

The cosmic inbox is so choc-full and overflowing the granters of those wishes are overwhelmed by the sheer number (like at christmas lol)

Personally I try not to make wishes or not often. I’ve never really gotten anywhere with them which actually led me to these thoughts. Besides you want the right and good beings to hear them. But when I do make a wish, I make sure it is something I really honestly and truly want, I have to feel it in the very core of my being, in my heart, I have to get this little tingly feeling inside that grants me strength and trust and belief in myself and that which is greater than us. Then, only then do I make wishes.

Whatever wishes you make, be it for world peace, a million bucks, a new car whatever it is, think on it first.

Do you really need it?

How will it improve your life?

Think on all those little wishes you make daily without realising and stop yourself. Because some of those wishes could actually be doing you more harm than good! 

Instead start analysing your wishes before you make them so that when you do finally make them it is the correct wish, word perfect, made at the right time and with the greatest intent. Then simply wait for the universe to grant it.

My kickass Warrior Goddess

Often I find myself thinking about things like who was I in a past life? or who were my ancestors?


Well, in my head there is this amazing fit fighting warrior goddess and she likes telling me of things I can do or could do, and should do.

Sometimes I can get frustrated with her but its not her fault, she just wants the best for me, to protect me and help me.

See genetics is a very complicated thing for me. One half of my blood is a complete and utter blackhole, I know nothing about it except a name and honestly I want nothing to do with him. The side I do know about I only know so much and every time questions have been asked the subject has been changed. I even took photo’s to get answers that was about 6-8 years ago, still haven’t gotten those back.

Anyway back to the warroir goddess, who is she?

Whether its a past life or a culmination of many aspects of me I just don’t know. What I do know is that she’s fierce, she’s strong, she takes no crap from anyone, she won’t abide toxic liars and bullshitters and she is pushing me to be the best healthiest, fittest, kickass version of me I can possibly be.

In a couple of weeks I am going back on my diet with which I lost a lovely amount of weight (-42lbs approx 3 dress sizes). This session will be the final and last hurdle because when I finish this time, thats it for me, no goddess awful processed crap with ingredients you can’t pronounce and laced with chemicals will pass these lips ever again and for a time I shall be going both gluten and sugar free.

Sugar free is amazing, I’ve done it before so I know what to expect when the fog lifts lol, no really its like a thick fog lifting!

Gluten free on the other hand, i’ve never tried that and it could help with a health issue.

But thats not all, nope, I’ll be doing my yoga regularly too, every single day through rain or shine, summer and winter. I’m really determined to conquer some of those more complicated poses.

There’s more though!

The warrior goddess is wanting / telling me to buy a boxing bag so the stresses of everyday life or rather my current day job no longer puts weight on my shoulders or body because right now it does and I do not want a repeat of a number of years ago when I woke one christmas and could barely move and everytime I did I was in tears of pain. People just don’t realise what they’re putting on you intended or not.

Her other request is something which feels somewhat like its out of a memory, maybe a genetic memory or a pastlife memory. I’m not sure which. See when I write or imagine a fighting scene in my head its very fluid, coming so easily and this is no different.

I’m no fan of the sword, I don’t hate them they just aren’t my weapons of choice.

Let me state here my first weapons of choice are the written word and camera but after that comes the bo-staff and the bow and arrow.

Apparently my inner warrior goddess wants me to get myself a bo-staff but thats nothing new, she has wanted one for decades but only now am I looking into it. However she doesn’t want a foam bo-staff she wants a proper carved wooden one.

If I were to describe my kickass warrior goddess I would have to say using modern descriptions that she is a cross between Lady Sif and Lara Croft.

Why oh why can’t I be like these ladies in life, I don’t know.

So what other things does she want from me?…

She wants

– my photo’s and abstract art out there in the world.

– my books edited and published and working on the others.

– me to decide how to use my colour therapy diploma to help people across all aspects of life.

– and to decide whether to continue reviewing books or not and if so how much to charge.

and thats all not getting into other areas of my life.

However maybe, as a friend mentioned earlier, maybe this is future me screaming out to get my sh!t together instead of keep getting knocked down by things and people.

So what is your kickass warrior god or goddess like? and what are they telling you to do?