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How to recognise and deal with energy vampires

You know those people that putting up with them leaves you feeling like you’ve just done 10 rounds in a boxing ring, done a triathalon and need the longest sleep ever. And often that sleep is never long enough. These are the people I am talking of. You can be having the greatest day ever full of positivity, everything going right and good and boom they show up, open their mouth and you find yourself spiraling downwards. Your energy has been zapped, its running away from you faster than a ball rolling downhill.

They could be friends, family or co-workers.

They enjoy having their say and making their point known.

They love gossiping.

They like to make others failures known whilst forgetting they make enough of their own.

They are showoffs and exhibitionists.

They twist the truth to suit them.

They like to make their presence known and seek attention all the time.

They get off putting others down regularly thinking they are doing them a favor.

The energy often gets swept out of the room as soon as they enter.

Sometimes we have no choice but to put up with them but we can prepare for this even if sometimes they may catch us off guard. However some are stronger than others and can be more difficult to handle.

They do and at the same time don’t see the anxiety they force on you with their actions.