One thing I can safely say about me is I am a foodie, I love food but sadly it doesn’t love me (sad face)

As much as I would love to be able to throw meals together its like a quantum physics to me, scratches head, but what I do like to do is bake.

One christmas i made peppermint creams, mincepies, a yule log, fudge, milk biscuits and ginger biscuits and iced each, a hogmanay pie, it was enough to last ages, plus I gave two colleagues of mine platters and both my sisters items too

Now though things are changing and I am on a journey into FREE FROM

Free from dairy

Free from gluten

and free from fat at least

What does that mean?

Essentially that means my diet is to include a lot of fruit and veg, meatfree, but some meat included, egg included and do not fret cakes are allowed as long as I can convert them to free from.

I am actually looking forward to this journey of discovery because I am also finding out what my body reacts to and how as well as what i am capable of and lastly whether I can heal myself by eating a more natural based diet.

Today I made a free from, dairy free, gluten free fruit cake that seems to have turned out perfect.

I also made apple sauce which I am looking forward to using in different ways.

I also made my mum a lemon drizzle cake so she had something too.

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