Welcome to the juicy bit gorgeous one!

Everyone likes a good freebie, they’d be lying if they didn’t.

Personally I adore freebies, unless its food then I can be a bit weary wondering how long its been open, what the date is on it and whether anyones touched it but also whats in it because certain things I just cannot have. That is the stressful part. Gladly you won’t find any stress here!

Anywho, up there under the ‘Freebies’ tab you’ll notice 2 listings in the drop down menu. These are yours free of charge because I love you so darn much!

These include :

Reiki Distant Healing –

Simply like my facebook page to have your name entered into my Distant Healing Diary where every Friday at approximately 12 pm (GMT 0) I shall perform my distant healing, sending it to you wherever you maybe on this glorious planet. Simple as that! Click here

My Plant Seeds Make Promises pdf download –

A 17 page printable to aid you in building a promising New Year

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