Ohhh fruity!

If like me you’re a huge fruit fan that loves making juice and smoothie combos, you are in luck.

Whether you are into dehydrating or freezing your fruit now is the perfect time to stock up.

Before fruit hits the stores it is picked, packaged and shipped. Sometimes this is a day, sometimes more.

When the fruit is delivered it is done so in chiller lorries who’ve a temperature of between -5 and 5 degrees.

As soon as it hits the stores chilled foods are put out asap.

Produce is normally worked last whilst fresh meat is done first.

Why is this good for us?

Right now it is the middle of winter, stores are cold, warehouses literally freezing (I know!)

With items such a cherries now coming back to store, its time to get stocked up.

During the summer fruits perish extremely quickly in the heat whether they are refrigerated or not. Warehouses become heat traps (again, I know!) But also fridges start to breakdown during the hotter weather.

More often than not people won’t buy reduced fruits and veg, because of the use by / sell by / best before dates.

Let me explain them

Use by…

Sell by…

Best before…

When items are reduced it is because of the date marked on them.

However because right now it is the middle of winter these reduced items that are delivered chilled,  stored and presented chilled are lasting just long enough, with no sign of perishing for you to buy them at the reduced price, so that you can get them home to prep and store.

WinWin I say, stock yourself up and save pennies in the long run.

Not only that but during the warmer months prices rise, availability is poorer and they aren’t as appealing.

So go on get in there!

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