Rachel is a fine example of a class-act in hard-working and staying true to goals. She sticks with her ideals and makes the most of every opportunity she has to network and…she’s an overall great person to know.

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc – Author

You’re right Rachel. You totally made my day. Thanks so much. You did an awesome job!! You Rock!!

Ben Larken – Author

Hey there! Thank you so much for the review! That makes me happy and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Hubert Mullins – Author

Thanks for the review Rachel…I really appreciate your kind words

Kevin Krohn- Author

Rachel took the time to write a great review for my novel! She wrote an in depth, creative and positive review! I would recommend her to anyone with a new novel out!

Lee J Mavin

I was extremely pleased and impressed by Rachel’s review of my book. Not only did she write a longer more comprehensive coverage than most blog reviewers but was very conscientious in posting it not just on her own site, but to various book sites where it wil be of help to me in building the brand for the book and my work.

Linton Robinson – Author

What a wonderful review!  I have been walking on air all morning.  :)

Kathleen Grieve – Author

First of all, thanks so much for the awesome review.  I really appreciate you helping to spread the word about my book.  Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Jeremy Shipp – Author

Thanks for the great review. It’s more in-depth than the others I’ve received so far and provides a unique and very compelling perspective on my book.

Kevis Hendrickson – Author

I loved the review. Very nice, thanks so much.

Dylan Morgan – Author

Thank you very much for the wonderful review!  The fact that you took the time to read my book is very humbling, considering the stuff that life tends to throw our way.  I’m glad you found a little piece of escape with it!

Christle Gray – Author

Rachel reviewed two of my novels (The Rajah’s Chosen Bride, Diamonds and Deceit). Her assessment was thorough, precise and honest. She also made a note of typos and style errors. I unhesitatingly recommend her services to anyone looking for an experienced editor and capable reviewer.

Again, I am humbled by your attention to detail. You’re a whizz at this review stuff, and a real treasure.

Kathryn Taylor – Author

“I must say, I am glad to have had Rachel review my book. She was able to criticize my writing without putting me down or saying that what I wrote was horrible (not all reviewers can accomplish that). Her review actually was what I needed, it came at the right time, to help me decide what I will work on now. It would be wonderful if more reviewers could use their unfavorable opinions to actually encourage new work while leaving feeling good simultaneously. If more reviewers could work as she does, I am sure more prospective authors would feel inclined to write.”

Sarah Baethge – Author

“Rachel demonstrates impeccable competence and unmatched results in every facet of her endeavors. From where I sit, this performance is the product of thoroughness expertise and knowledge. As a reviewer she consistently demonstrates an ability to get to the prime elements of her subject, evaluating it fairly and objectively. She can be counted on to meet any stated deadline.”

Mike Arsuaga – Author

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